Name: Alex
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
E-mail: ghost3k[at]ghost3k.net

I like photography, hiking, movies.

Online Projects:

- photo-sharing service, started Sep 2005
- hosting over 20 mil. photos
- in top 100 most visited romanian websites, stats by trafic.ro

- software platform for schools, public launch in Oct 2011
- improves transparency between teachers, parents and students

- my photoblog
- the usual "life through my lens", everyday photos taken by me

- a collection of tech-related articles
- solutions, ideas, stuff that I come across and might be useful to others
- restarted Apr 2009

- international version of SunPhoto, started Apr 2009
- running on the same platform as SunPhoto

& others not yet mentioned :)

Misc. links: Psiholog Cluj

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